About Us

The MYAC Private Music Teaching Program provides parents and students the opportunity to connect with private music-lesson teachers. Though background checks of the teachers are not done, all teacher profiles are screened to verify that they are at least 18 years old, have prior teaching experience and a degree from, or are currently enrolled in, a music school. If the teacher has students at MYAC, teaches at the MYAC facility or has prepared students for the Walgreens National Concerto Competition, the information is included in the profile as an indication of additional expertise.
The Program aims to make connecting teachers with students for music lessons simple. Using the easy search system, parents and students have quick access to numerous teachers within the geographic area that fits their needs. Teachers can post information regarding their background and coaching practices, giving families the ability to make an informed choice. Teachers who provide free lessons, remotely or in their studio, can also advertise.
The Private Music Teaching Program gives teachers the ability to build and grow their private lesson studios by creating a free profile, readily available to parents and students. On PMT, teachers have endless options to customize their profiles with photos, videos, and links to other websites and resources. The website is searchable by zip code across the United States.