Wenjuan Peng

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+Downtown in Iowa City, IA
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30, 45, 60 minutes
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I love music, I love playing piano, therefore I dedicate my career to teach piano. With over 20-years performance experience, I have built myself as a professional piano teacher and dedicated my career to piano education. As a passionate pianist and piano educator, I work with students of all levels and ages, they are from young children to adult students. As the Current graduate students at Manhattan School of Music for piano performance degree, I am confident to say that in my piano studio, I provide the professional and reliable piano education. I will try my best to develop your talents in the best way and help you to achieve your music dream.

Whenever I meet my student at the first time, it is very important for me to have the diagnostic test for them. To recognize the individual interests and the goals will determine our teaching and studying plan. I believe every student is unique. Not everyone wants to be a professional pianist, but everyone wants to learn and benefit from his/her music study; not everyone is looking for the future celebrities as the concert pianist, but as a teacher, I regard each of my students as an individual star in my teaching life. As soon as I recognize what his/her goal is, I create both short term and long term teaching plans, these plans will be reflected in each lesson. I persist in having the well-prepared teaching plan for each lesson and try to cover all the necessary learning aspects periodically, which includes fundamental piano technique training, musical development, historical and theoretical introduction, sight-reading skill, ensemble music, ear-training, etc. Besides, some students may also be interested in jazz music, accompaniment skill, harmonization, etc. All the teaching content are based on the curriculum tailored of each individual students.

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